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Specialists in Central UPS for Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy, Hybrid OR Suites, Operating Rooms, Critical Branch Protection, and support for Central IDF/MDF IT applications


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Tom Stryker, President; Rosemary Briere, Director of Operations; Joe Briere, Founder

Our Founder

Joe Briere

CPN Power, Inc has been providing Power Consulting and Solutions for medical equipment applications for 40+ years. The company was founded by Joe Briere, who previously led a large service organization for “Burroughs Corporation” in the company’s mainframe computer division. Joe ultimately created a power quality group to diagnose computer power issues.

That experience led Joe to found Computer Power Northeast, Inc. in 1982. Joe’s power quality experience quickly led to a supporting role in diagnosing medical equipment power issues. With time, Joe became “the” national power consultant for Siemens Medical, Varian, and other medical equipment manufacturers and suppliers for several decades. During that time period, Joe also applied power conditioners and PDU’s to protect various modalities.

All of that knowledge and experience led to pioneering the application of Central UPS Systems to protect Multi-Modality and Multi-Vendor Radiology, Cardiology, Hybrid OR Suite, Oncology, Operating Room, and Critical Branch applications several decades ago. With the new direction came a name change to CPN Power, Inc in 2006 to better reflect the national coverage of power protection in the Healthcare market.

Continuing the tradition of excellence set forth by Joe Briere, the company today is guided by Tom Stryker as President and Rosemary Briere as Director of Operations. Along with a team of experienced professionals, CPN Power continues to grow the organization on a national basis.

Message From The President

CPN Power, Inc. has positioned itself to be the market leader in offering a reliable and affordable approach toward power protection and services for Healthcare UPS System applications.

We welcome the opportunity to review your specific application and assist in the design and implementation of the individual or Central UPS System. We would like to assist in commissioning of the UPS System and offering maintenance contracts to assure long-term uptime and reliability. This approach assures that the equipment is properly protected for many years to come.

Our organization has spent 40+ years offering power quality solutions for the medical equipment industry and have been fortunate to work with over 500 hospitals across the country. I am sure that we can offer a cost and space saving solution for your medical equipment, critical branch, and MDF/IDF applications.

Tom Stryker


Tom Stryker


Partnering with Joe Briere in 2006, the company began applying power conditioners and UPS Systems for single modality applications. Along the way, utilizing high sample rate power quality meters to gather data – lots of data. The data displayed the tremendous diversity of load within Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy applications. That knowledge quickly led the company toward applying Central UPS Systems for 2-3 imaging suites, then 5 suites, then 10 suites, and up to 20+ suites. Offering both Static and Rotary designs, CPN Power brings a wealth of knowledge to the application of Central UPS in Healthcare applications. CPN Power provides solutions throughout the United States.

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Central UPS Applications & Protection

CPN Power continues to apply single and Central UPS for Radiology, Cardiology, and Oncology applications. Additionally, we provide Central UPS protection for the Hospital Critical Branch and Central UPS for MDF/IDF IT applications. Protection for medical refrigerators and freezers, laboratories, imaging reading rooms, and a whole host of other applications in Healthcare. UPS Protection goes beyond the Hospital to:

  • Imaging Centers
  • Outpatient Facilities
  • Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Women Health Facilities
  • Cancer Centers
  • Medical Office Building

Just one example of a Central UPS installation: CPN Power provided a 750 kVA Central UPS to protect Cardiology Labs in the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center. Cleveland Clinic is recognized as #1 in Cardiology for 25+ years by US News and World Report.

Additional Services Provided to the Healthcare Industry:

  • Power Quality Monitoring/Reporting of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy applications
  • Power Quality Monitoring of general applications in Healthcare beyond Imaging
  • Demand Study Monitoring
  • Commissioning of UPS Systems with load banks, temporary cabling, infrared cameras, power quality metering, and detailed reporting of the testing.

Commissioning UPS Systems not only assures proper operation of the UPS components, but also assures that the UPS System is operating properly along with the general distribution of breakers, ATS, Emergency Power, monitoring, and so on.

CPN Power’s knowledge base is built on our familiarity of imaging equipment power profiles, but also on our field experience in commissioning systems. This involvement allows us to better apply systems and avoid mistakes. In the end, we want to apply the correct UPS System for the application, but we also make sure that the installation and long-term use of that equipment is flawless.

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