The partial customer list below indicates the national acceptance toward Central UPS and Double Conversion Power Conditioners (DCPC) used to support Multi-Modalities.

Common Customer Applications Chart

The Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH
(12) Cath Labs + future labs
750 kVA
(6) Endovascular Suites
375 kVA
(3) 3.0T MRI + (1) Imris MRI
375 kVA
225 kVA
NYU Medical Center
New York, NY
All Modalities
(27) 100-375 kVA
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
Cath Lab
150 kVA
MRI and CT
225 kVA
Craven Regional Medical Center
New Bern, NC
CT Scanner, MRI, Cath Lab,
Special Procedure Room
375 kVA
St. John Medical Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma
(2) Linear Accelerators, CT
225 kVA
Scripps Mercy Hospital
San Diego, CA
(3) Cath Labs + future labs
375 kVA
St. Vincent Hospital
Worcester, MA
Radiology and Cardiology
departments - 13 Suites, PACS
750 kVA
Zwanger Pesiri Imaging Centers
(8 sites)
Long Island, NY
All Radiology Modalities
225, 375, & 500 kVA
Dupont Children's Hospital
Baltimore, MD
(3) Cath Labs, Hospital Laboratory
375 kVA
Tucson Medical Center
Tucson, AZ
(2) Cath Labs
225 kVA
Sutter Health
Sacramento, CA
(3) Linear Accelerators
150 kVA
Winthrop Hospital
Mineola, NY
Radiology and Cardiology Departments
12 Suites + 3-4 future suites
750 kVA
Memorial Sloan Kettering
New York, NY
Radiology Department
750 kVA
Allen Memorial Hospital
Waterloo, IA
(1) EP Lab, (2) Cath Labs,
(1) Rad Room, (2) Nuc-Med
375 kVA
CT Scanner, Cath Lab, IR Lab
300 kVA
Presbyterian Hospital
Plano, TX
(2) Cath Labs
225 kVA


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CPN Power, Inc. has positioned itself to be the market leader in offering a reliable and affordable approach toward power protection for Radiology, Cardiology, and Oncology applications.

We welcome the opportunity to review your specific application and assist in the design and implementation of the DCPC or UPS system. I have spent the past 28 years offering power quality solutions for the medical equipment industry and have been fortunate to work with over 500 hospitals across the country. I am sure that we can offer a cost and space saving solution for your medical equipment application.

- Joe Briere, President of CPN Power

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