Multi-Modality & Multi-Vendor Protection of Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology, and Hybrid OR Suites Applications

Many hospitals purchase individual UPS systems from the medical equipment vendor on a one-by-one basis. In some applications this is the correct approach, but for many other applications there is a better approach. Individual UPS systems can be a costly approach toward providing power protection for MRI, CT Scanners, Cath Labs, LinAc's, and so on...

CPN offers individual UPS systems at a lower cost and central UPS systems that can support anywhere from 2 suites up to 30 suites, thereby offering:

  • Dramatic cost savings
  • Reduced floor space
  • Improved equipment operation
  • Fewer service calls
  • Improved patient scheduling
  • Increased revenue

Value Proposition: 2 = 10. "Fuzzy Math" is the thought that probably entered your mind! The mathematical equation really means that the cost to protect 2 complete suites with individual UPS systems purchased from the medical equipment vendor = the cost to protect 10 complete suites with one Central UPS from CPN Power.

The same cost comparison holds true for 3 = 15 and other sizing options. Common solutions protect 2-3 suites, 4-6 suites, 8-10 suites or 12-15 suites on one Central UPS system.

Central UPS Systems offering protection for 2 suites and 5 suites are the most common approach. These systems match the available budget and are more easily integrated into the existing electrical distribution.

"Though UPS protection of medical equipment has become more common, it is not required for every modality to be protected."

That is a common statement from architects, consulting engineers, or hospital personnel. Though this statement can make sense on the surface, application of the Central UPS approach changes the rules. Based on the need for partial protection, the decision is often made to install UPS on a few individual suites. This approach leaves the hospital paying a lot more money for protection of limited modalities.

Due to the invasive nature of Cardiology procedures, it has become more common to protect the Cath, EP, Angio, Vascular or IR Labs with UPS systems. MRI is actually the most protected modality in the imaging world, due to the device being more sensitive to voltage fluctuations that impact image quality. Most imaging devices are X-ray generator based. The MRI is magnet based with gradient amplifiers - very different technology. CT Scanners have been one of the least protected devices in the past, but that has changed with the advent of 64 Slice and higher slice scanners. The use of these devices in Cardiology applications has driven the need to assure uptime.

The medical equipment vendor will often bury the cost of the UPS into the complete system proposal. Therefore, the hospital does not always realize the UPS system cost or what level of protection is being offered.

Generic statements will surface, such as; "Central UPS is not required - the vendor already offers UPS protection with the Cath Lab."

Upon further review, it is often determined that the UPS offered with the given modality provides only limited protection. The hospital personnel must understand the level of UPS protection being offered with the given modality and understand the real cost and value of that system. Only then, can the value of a full size Central UPS be understood!

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CPN Power has engineered and provided hundereds of UPS and power conditioners nationally for multi-modality medical equipment applications.

The CPN Power approach can offer protection for the whole department or multiple departments for less money than individual UPS systems protecting only a few modalities.

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