CPN Power offers UPS systems for protection of individual suites or multiple suites. The CPN Power Multi-Modality, Multi-Vendor approach offers protection for a few suites, the whole department, or multiple departments. This Central approach assures dramatic cost and space savings over individual UPS systems, while providing long-term flexibility for support of future equipment.

Equipment protected includes:

  • MRI
  • CT Scanner
  • PET/CT
  • Nuclear Cameras
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Rad Rooms
  • R&F Rooms

Radiology/Nuclear Medicine

CPN Power applies and provides individual or Central UPS Systems and Double Conversion Power Conditioners (DCPC) to support medical equipment in Radiology applications. MRI applications have been supported by power conditioners or UPS for many years in areas where power quality is poor. It has become much more common to provide UPS systems for 64 Slice and higher slice CT applications. PET/CT applications have required UPS protection for many years.

With an increasing quantity of the Radiology department equipment requiring power protection, it is becoming much more common to apply Central UPS to support several devices or the whole department. ER areas commonly employ CT Scanners, PET/CT or MRI for emergency imaging. More hospitals are applying UPS protection for this equipment to assure equipment availability during emergency situations.

Equipment protected includes:

  • Cath Labs
  • EP Labs
  • C-Arms
  • Angio Suites
  • Vascular Labs
  • Interventional Labs


CPN Power applies and provides individual or Central UPS Systems to support medical equipment in Cardiology applications. In the past, it was common (but not required) to support Cardiology labs on the building generator. This approach no longer works due to the total downtime associated with short duration outages. Though the emergency generator delivers power in 10 seconds, the lab experiences a hard shut-down requiring the system to reboot. Most modern labs require 6-8 minutes for the system to be operational, assuming that the reboot process is error free. Older labs can take much longer to re-start. Cardiologists find these outages unacceptable during many procedures due to the potential patient impact.

Today, it is normal practice to support Cardiology Labs on the emergency generator along with UPS protection to assure uptime during the 10 second transfer time to generator. While some medical equipment manufacturers provide fluoro UPS systems offering partial protection, the CPN Power approach supports the entire suite including the X-ray generator. UPS protection of the entire suite allows the cardiologist to continue the procedure with no interruption. The cardiologist can even take high resolution images while operating on the UPS system during a power outage. Protection of the entire suite design philosophy also reduces long-term accumulative component damage for the x-ray generator tube and other system components.

Equipment protected includes:

  • LinAc
  • HDR
  • CT Simulator
  • Proton Therapy


CPN Power applies and provides Central UPS Systems and Double Conversion Power Conditioners (DCPC) to support medical equipment in Oncology applications. Today, many Linear Accelerators are supported by basic power conditioners.

The trend in Oncology is moving toward better power protection than provided by basic power conditioners. In many sites, the Central UPS can be applied for lower cost than the individual power conditioners, while providing excellent power conditioning and protection against power outages.

The Central UPS approach can also offer protection for other devices in the Oncology department, such as: CT Simulators, On-Board Imaging and HDR. Some Oncology departments may include Nuclear Medicine devices, such as; PET/CT, Nuclear Cameras, SPECT, or SPECT/CT. This equipment can also be protected with the Central UPS approach. Frequently, added equipment protection is provided at little or no extra cost.

Equipment protected includes:

  • Intraoperative MRI
  • Brain Suites

OR Suites

With so many electronic devices in the OR Suite today, it has become more common to install 5-10 kVA UPS systems to support the Isolated Power Panel in the OR Suite.

In many cases, a Central UPS can be used to support multiple OR Suites. It is also common to support MRI, CT Scanners, or Cath Labs placed into the Hybrid OR Suite to assure availability during the procedure.

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Typical Modalities Supported:

  • Cath Labs
  • EP Labs
  • Angio Rooms
  • Special Procedure Rooms
  • EP Magnetic Navigation Lab
  • PET/CT
  • PACS
  • Nuclear Cameras
  • R&F Suites
  • Linear Accelerators
  • CT Simulators
  • MRI
  • CT Scanners
  • X-Ray Suites
  • Mammography
  • PET
  • Hospital Lab
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