CPN Power applies and provides UPS Systems with Power Conditioning for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy applications within Hospitals, Imaging Centers, and Cancer Centers. The UPS systems support Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology, and Hybrid OR Suite applications.

CPN Power offers individual UPS systems at a lower cost than medical equipment vendors and Central UPS systems that can support anywhere from 2 suites up to 30 suites, thereby offering dramatic cost savings, reduced floor space, improved equipment operation, fewer service calls, improved patient scheduling, and increased revenue.

More Than 35 Years of Power Quality Expertise and Application Knowledge

For more than 35 years, CPN Power, Inc. has been providing power quality expertise to the medical equipment industry. For the past 15 years, CPN Power has been applying and providing UPS Systems and Power Conditioners to support individual suites or Multi-Modality, Multi-Vendor applications. The most common Multi-Modality installations offer protection for 2-6 suites due to easy integration into existing electrical distribution. The Multi-Modality approach can reduce the cost of UPS and power conditioning protection for the entire suite down to $12,000 per suite in larger applications.

CPN Power offers additional Healthcare related products including small UPS (1-8 kVA) for Critical Applications, Lighting Inverters, DC Lighting for MRI suites, TVSS, and Low Impedance transformers.

CPN Power not only provides equipment solutions, but our experience revolves around power issues for non-linear load medical equipment. Therefore, we can assist in diagnosing and analyzing power problems for medical equipment applications via Power Quality studies and Power Distribution site audits.

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Many unexpected benefits are noticed when the systems are properly protected.

  • Avoid patient rescheduling dilemmas
  • Put an end to downtime during invasive procedures
  • Greatly reduce equipment service issues
  • Ensure better image quality via constant voltage regulation
  • Reduce equipment service costs
  • Provide flexibility for future equipment protection
  • Increase the revenue stream
  • Maintain referrals
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